Pickpocket (1959)

Crime / Drama • 76 minutes  7.8/10
Starring: Martin LaSalle Marika Green Jean Pélégri Dolly Scal Pierre Leymarie Pierre Étaix Kassagi César Gattegno and others.
Director: Robert Bresson Screenplay: Robert Bresson Director of Photography: Léonce-Henri Burel Producer: Agnès Delahaie Editor: Raymond Lamy
Released • December 16, 1959

Michel is released from jail after serving a sentence for thievery. His mother dies and he resorts to pickpocketing as a means of survival.

Карманник / Pickpocket (Робер Брессон / Robert Bresson) [1959 г., криминальная драма, DVDRip] original + sub.torrent Std

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A.K.A. BR: O Batedor de Carteiras  ES: El carterista  FI: Liikkuvat kädet  FR: Incertitude  HU: Zsebtolvaj  IT: Diario di un ladro  KR: 소매 치기  PT: O Carteirista  RU: Карманник  US: Pick Pocket