Minions (2015)

Uh oh.
Adventure / Animation / Comedy / Family • 91 minutes  6.4/10
Starring: Sandra Bullock Jon Hamm Michael Keaton Allison Janney Steve Coogan Jennifer Saunders Geoffrey Rush Steve Carell and others.
Director: Kyle Balda Pierre Coffin Writer: Brian Lynch Producer: Christopher Meledandri Janet Healy Editor: Claire Dodgson Original Music Composer: Heitor Pereira
Released • June 17, 2015

Minions Stuart, Kevin, and Bob are recruited by Scarlet Overkill, a supervillain who, alongside her inventor husband Herb, hatches a plot to take over the world.

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A.K.A. BR: Minions O Filme  CA: Despicable Me - Minions  CN: 小小兵  CZ: Mimoni  DE: Minions 3D  EE: Käsilased  ES: Los Minions  FR: Les Minions  GT: Despicable Me 3 - Minions  HK: 迷你兵團  IL: Ha'Minionim  IR: مینیون ها  KR: 미니언즈  PT: Mínimos  RU: Миньоны  SE: Minioner 3D  SK: Mimoni  TW: 小小兵