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1.Girl (2018)
Released • October 10, 2018 • Drama
A 15-year-old girl, born in a boy’s body, dreams of becoming a ballerina and will push her body to its limits in order for her dream to succeed.
2.Shadow (2018)
Post Production • October 1, 2018 • Action / Drama
About a king who attempts to lead his displaced people out of exile, and those who play a role in his mysterious plans.
3.Battle (2018)
Post Production • September 28, 2018 • Drama / Romance
Amalie is the girl who has everything, good looks, money, a boyfriend and a big talent of dancing. One day, her world falls apart and she moves from everything she knows. Then enter Mikael. He is...
4.The Padre (2018)
Released • September 28, 2018 • Drama
American retired Judge Randall Nemes and his hired gun, Gaspar, track down a con man posing as a priest in a small Colombian town only to be thrown off-course by a scrappy 16-year-old girl intent...
5.Friend (2018)
Released • September 26, 2018 • Drama / Romance
Kena and Ziki long for something more. Despite the political rivalry between their families, the girls resist and remain close friends, supporting each other to pursue their dreams in a...
6.Batti Gul Meter Chalu (2018)
Released • September 21, 2018 • Comedy / Drama
A social movie about escalating electric bills.
7.London Fields (2018)
Post Production • September 20, 2018 • Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller
Clairvoyant femme fatale Nicola Six has been living with a dark premonition of her impending death by murder. She begins a tangled love affair with three uniquely different men: one of whom she...
8.Love Sonia (2018)
Post Production • September 14, 2018 • Drama
Inspired by real life events, Love Sonia is the story of a young girl's journey to rescue her sister from the dangerous world of international sex trafficking.
9.Warning Shot (2018)
Post Production • September 14, 2018 • Drama / Thriller
A single mother and her young daughter struggle to make ends meet until they inherit their family's farmhouse. When a business rival covets their water rights, the situation spirals out of control.
10.Manmarziyaan (2018)
Released • September 14, 2018 • Drama / Romance
A spirited girl finds herself caught in a complicated love triangle while burdened with societal and familial pressures.
11.I Think We're Alone Now (2018)
Released • September 14, 2018 • Drama / Science Fiction
Del is alone in the world. After the human race is wiped out, he lives in his small, empty town, content in his solitude and the utopia he's methodically created for himself -- until he is...
12.White Boy Rick (2018)
Released • September 14, 2018 • Crime / Drama
The story of teenager Richard Wershe Jr., who became an undercover informant for the FBI during the 1980s and was ultimately arrested for drug-trafficking and sentenced to life in prison.
13.Bel Canto (2018)
Released • September 13, 2018 • Drama / Thriller
A famous opera singer is held hostage in South America by a guerrilla rebel group after performing at a Japanese businessman's lavish birthday party. Unexpected bonds are forged in the standoff...
14.The Land of Steady Habits (2018)
Released • September 12, 2018 • Comedy / Drama
After leaving his wife and his job to find happiness, Anders begins a clumsy, heartbreaking quest to reassemble the pieces of his fractured life.
15.On My Skin (2018)
Released • September 12, 2018 • Drama
The incredible true story behind the most controversial Italian court cases in recent years. Stefano Cucchi was arrested for a minor crime and mysteriously found dead during his detention. In one...
16.Theevandi (2018)
Released • September 7, 2018 • Comedy / Drama
Theevandi is a political satire depicted through light humor where the protagonist Bineesh hardly knows a thing even about himself.
17.Sierra Burgess Is a Loser (2018)
Released • September 7, 2018 • Comedy / Drama / Romance
A case of mistaken identity results in unexpected romance when the most popular girl in high school and the biggest loser must come together to win over their crushes.
18.Laila Majnu (2018)
Released • September 7, 2018 • Drama / Romance
Laila is a free-spirited girl from a conservative family who firmly believes in living for the present. Qais, a spoilt brat, falls head over heels in love with her. Their families, however, are...
19.Paltan (2018)
Released • September 7, 2018 • Action / Drama / War
A war drama based on the Indo-China War of 1962, JP Dutta's "PALTAN" focuses on the hard-hitting truth of India's relations with China, and how it is important to acknowledge that China, an...
20.Joy (2018)
Released • September 4, 2018 • Drama
A drama that tackles the vicious cycle of sex trafficking in Europe.