Pickpocket (1997)

Drama • 105 minutes  7.5/10
Starring: Wang Hongwei Hao Hongjian and others.
Director: Jia Zhangke Writer: Jia Zhangke Director of Photography: Nelson Yu Lik-wai Producer: Jia Zhangke Kit Ming Li
Released • January 1, 1997

Little pocket thief Wu never got away from the streets like his friends did. He realises that he is alone, as his old buddy doesn't invite him for his wedding. When he falls in love with a hooker he is forced to think about his future. Can he break with his criminal past?

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A.K.A. DE: Xiao Wu  ES: Xiao Wu  FR: Xiao Wu artisan pickpocket  PT: Xiao Wu  RU: Xiao Wu